Our new hometown, Durham North Carolina, makes the news again! The word must be spreading, because now Durham has been cited as the #1 best place for millenials to live in the entire United States.

And even more exciting – HAMILTON is coming to Durham! In case you haven’t heard, the Broadway musical Hamilton has become the most popular in history (for so many good reasons), and it’s going to be performed at DPAC (Durham Performing Arts Center) later this year.

The day this news was announced in early 2017 DPAC was barraged with phone calls and season subscription renewals, so unless you are lucky enough to already be a season ticket holder don’t expect to be able to get a good seat for this amazing musical (trust me, I tried) – that is, not unless you are willing to pay a 3rd party GOBS of money. (Tickets in New York City have been sold for as much as $10,000 EACH, I kid you not!)

Of course, all this Durham excitement  and attention has had a major impact on real estate – homes listed in the under $300K price range have been selling like HOTCAKES. I had an experience with one listing that had 14 showings and 5 offers on the very first day on market.

Bottom line – it’s a great time to own real estate in Durham North Carolina!

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Born and raised in New York City, I have also lived in Florida, California, Connecticut, but since 1992 have been a proud southerner - and always will be!

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