It must be “synchronicity”, because just a few weeks after my husband and I found a home we liked in Durham and decided to move there from our current home in Wake Forest, Vogue Magazine decided that Durham is now the “hippest city” in North Carolina. What an unexpected surprise! While excited to be closer to our grandchildren (our main motivation to move) we had a few second thoughts, mostly because (after 20 enjoyable years in NW Raleigh) we have really loved our last 5 years in Wake Forest, especially its community focus and friendly small-town feel.

In my mind (and what I share with prospective Yankee transplants), Wake Forest is to Raleigh like upstate New York is to NYC, while the Cary area is to Raleigh like Long Island is to NYC.

To be perfectly honest, until my son and his wife went to grad school at Duke University and then loved the area so much they decided to stay and raise their family there, I never thought that much about Durham. Even after finally experiencing their great Farmer’s Market, theatre events, restaurants and museums, there was a little trepidation in my heart about actually living there. How nice to know that soon, in addition to being closer to my dear children and grandchildren, I am going to be amongst the coolest hipsters enjoying all of Durham’s amenities!

Why Durham is North Carolina’s Hippest City

The only downside, as Barry Saunders pointed out in a recent N&O column, is that now that the word is out about Durham it may soon be inundated with hipsters. So before you know it, there may be even more great restaurants, culture, entertainment, etc., which will of course eventually result in higher home prices. (This actually happened to Asheville a few years back when the same label was given them.)

Well, I can think of worse fates…bring it on!

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