I met Aaron Herstein in May 1998 when he attended the closing of my own new home. I had contacted several mortgage brokers and chose Aaron solely because he had the best rates. I was then pleasantly surprised that in addition to providing the best mortgage for us he was extremely responsive and helpful in every way – he even came to our closing to make sure there were no last minute problems or issues. That’s the kind of experience you can expect from Aaron – great products and personal attention! He is the hardest working mortgage broker I have ever met, which is why I recommend him as my “preferred lender”.

If you haven’t already decidedĀ on who to entrust the important job of obtaining your mortgage in the most economical and problem-free manner, contact Aaron today!

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Aaron Herstein
(919( 615-3764 (office)
(919) 612-5626 (cell)

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